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American Jewry Global Regime

American Jewry IS A Global Regime

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By Brother Nathanael Kapner, Copyright 2012
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ALL OF CHRISTENDOM and the Western World is now in the hands of a trans-national American Jewry.

At the close of WWII, American Jewry succeeded in not only in subjugating Germany to itself but brought Great Britain and the entire European continent under its thrall.
Now, with the Nato US/Jewish proxy war machine takeover of Libya with the rest of Africa soon to fall under Judaic command which controls all the checkpoints of worldwidecommerce - natural resources - emerging markets - gold price-fixing - and trade — it is safe to say that American Jewry is indeed a “global regime.”
Once Napoleon opened the doors to Jewish influence by granting civil rights to the Jews in the early 19th Century — with the rest of Europefollowing suit — the die was cast for Jewry tostamp its monolithic mark upon every aspect of the infrastructure of the Western World.
Expanded is Mayer Rothschild’s boast: “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes her laws,” to encompass the entire globe.
That “control” is centered in Washington and New York via the Jewish-owned Federal Reserve Bank and its attendant Jewish investment banks.
But its network connects to and from London, Paris, Frankfurt, and Shanghai via the Rothschild dynasty. American Jewry with its strangle hold on US political and financial life is indeed a Global regime. View Entire Story HereHere & Here.
AMERICAN JEWRY’S STRENGTH lies in its racial solidarity. And this affinityextends beyond the shores of America.
Thus, loyalty to their own racial group supersedes fidelity to “Yankeeland” where American Jewry resides and operates.
This all-encompassing solidarity which glues Jewry together is illustrated by observing the “international” connections which unite American Jewish organizations with those abroad:
 1. American Jewish Congress Here
1a. World Jewish Congress Here
 2. American Zionist Movement Here
2a. World Zionist Movement Here
 3. American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Here
3a. Jewish Agency of Israel (Chairman is James Tisch who serves on the NY Fed)
 4. American Association Of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists Here
4a. International Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists Here
 5. Anti-Defamation League of America Here
5a. B’nai Brith International (Parent of ADL) Here
 6. US Holocaust Memorial Here
6a. Berlin Holocaust Memorial Here
 7. Federal Reserve Bank of America Here
7a. Rothschild Group International (Principal shareholder of the Fed) Here
THE ARGUMENT IS MADE that history has proven that all “undesirable regimes” have eventually been “toppled” and thus American Jewry will fall like all the others.
But the toppling of undesirable regimes has only occurred in nations which had limited and demarcated boundaries within which those ruling-entities reigned.
This is certainly NOT the case with regard to the rule of the invisible governance of American Jewry — (not so “invisible” to the astute observer) — whose reach extends to all the transnational components of globalization and international governing bodies such as the Jewish-operated IMF and World Bank.
Indeed, American Jewry IS a global regime and any attempts to “topple” this imperialist dynasty would be impossible…whether by the ballot, uprisings, or revolutions. (History has borne this out when the Jews enlisted the entire world toprevent Germany from having a nation of its own.)
Only perhaps the military could bring about this much hoped-for event.
But even a military coup aimed at halting the advance of global Jewry is unlikely since the US military is dependent on Jewish Financial Capital, (which includes the underwriting andinfluence of the armaments industry as well as ownership of the Federal Reserve), for its funding, salaries, and perks.
And besides, all the true patriots of the US military have either been killedreplaced, orforced to resign.
CAN AMERICAN JEWRY with its global ties be stopped?
How can it possibly be halted when a One World Governance, (complete with a newinternational reserve currency in the makings), of which American Jewry is joined at-the-hip with Jewish bankers in its oversight, is now in place?
Only an act of God—or a Ron Paul presidency—or a combination of the two, can STOP the tyranny wielded by the global boot of American Jewry.
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  1. Brother NathanaelJanuary 17, 2012 @ 6:48 pm
    Dear Real Zionist News Family -
    This article was birthed by a conversation I had this weekend with a Graduate School History Major.
    He remarked that “history has proven” that undesirable regimes eventually “fall.”
    But I responded by saying that never before in the history of mankind has an “invisible/shadow” regime existed that is transnational and entirely “borderless” in its operative force.
    Indeed, a One World “GOVERNANCE” — I do not say “government” — is NOW in place.
    And that “Governance” is in the hand of JEWS.
    The next step? One world currency, monolithic globalization, and presto: THE ANTI CHRIST who WILL BE A JEW.
    On Another Note:
    If this Article, (one every week along with at least one Video), this Website, this Comments Section, and the Ministry I am trying to conduct is IMPORTANT to you and wish to SEE ME CONTINUE then please consider helping financially.
    (I thank those few who do help me…and for those who can’t due to economic reasons your moral support IS appreciated.)
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    FOR PERSONAL NEEDS (rent, food, bills, etc
    By Mail: Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 1242; Frisco CO 80443
    Much Love AND Appreciaton In Christ To All!
    +Brother Nathanael
  2. Brother NathanaelJanuary 17, 2012 @ 6:52 pm
    Dear Real Zionist News Family,
    Next Wednesday thru Monday (January 25-30) I will be in Sarasota/Tampa for Street Evangelism.
    (The trip is FULLY SPONSORED by a good friend of mine who HAS BEEN WITH ME and HELPING ME FINANCIALLY from the BEGINNING of this site!)
    I will ALSO be visiting my dear friend Joe Cortina (he is on the Board of The Brother Nathanael Foundation) who lives in Tampa. Joe ALSO has been a major financial contributor to my ministry.
    In February I will be in in NYC and (pending) Boston.
    In March I am planning a Street Evangelism Trip to Knoxville TN.
    I am INDEED EXPANDING my Street Evangelism to EVERY MAJOR CITY and other areas in the next 5 years.
    If any of you would like to host me please contact me by email as listed on this site’s Home Page.
    Here are some interviews and articles about my Street Evangelism:
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    Many Thanks In Advance!
    And PLEASE Pray for Christ’s Protection & His Supply Of Good Success For This NEW & DECIDED Street Evangelism Endeavor.
    Much LOVE in Christ to All!
    Your +Brother in Christ, Nathanael
  3. +Fr. JosephJanuary 17, 2012 @ 6:56 pm
    As +Br. Nathanael so rightly understands and asserts:
    ‘Only an ACT OF GOD - or a Ron Paul presidency - or a combination of the two, can STOP the tyranny wielded by the global boot of American Jewry.’
    Is there really anybody here on RZN who IS interested in knowing what that ‘ACT OF GOD’ is?
    After all, God DID tell us all about that ‘Act of God’ of His Very Own (at Fatima).
    +Fr. Joseph
  4. breckandyJanuary 17, 2012 @ 7:34 pm
    Wish I had a 10th of your energy.
  5. JohnJanuary 17, 2012 @ 7:55 pm
    Another powerful article Brother Nathanael.
    Thank you so much for your work. I pray for your safety.
  6. KathJulianeJanuary 17, 2012 @ 8:01 pm
    Greetings in the Lord, dear +Br. Nathanael.
    Powerful article, I’m still absorbing this one. It is the Protocols In Living Technicolor.
    You’ve put so concisely and in word-pictures what I’ve been trying to map and condense down for myself, friends, and family for a long time. The Global Regime of American Jewry and its Zionist Nationalist Government HQ’d in Israhell, and ‘provincial’ extensions in the Americas and the British Commonwealth is the so-called “New World Order.”
    Herzl stated that he had established the political supranational Nationalist Zionist Jewish State at Basle out of the Jewish Diaspora (largely incubated in Zionist strongholds of New York and its colony of Chicago). “In Basle I founded the Jewish state… Maybe in five years, certainly in fifty, everyone will realize it.”
    After ratification at the World Zionist Congress in Basle, this Zionist entity began acting as a Jewish nation-state within sovereign countries throughout the world, which only lacked for international recognition until 1948 with the establishment of Israhell and a state capital (Tel Aviv).
    The de jure recognition by Zionist America, and the de facto recognition by Judeo-Communist USSR at the time clinched Herzl’s political prediction from 51 years earlier.
    “Herzl convened and chaired the First Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland, on August 29-31, 1897 - the first interterritorial gathering of Jews on a national and secular basis.
    “Here the delegates adopted the Basle Program, the program of the Zionist movement, and declared “Zionism seeks to establish a home for the Jewish people in Palestine secured under public law.”
    “At the Congress the Zionist Organization was established as the political arm of the Jewish people, and Herzl was elected its first president. In the same year, Herzl founded the Zionist weekly Die Welt and began activities to obtain a charter for Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel (Eretz Yisrael).”
    Now slightly renamed and reorganized, this global government extends throughout the Diaspora with the World Zionist Organization headquartered in Tel Aviv, and its interlocking organized Zionist Federations headquartered in each major country in the West, especially thick throughout the US-British Commonwealth-EU Axis.
    Paradoxically, the EU is currently the weakest leg of the Three-legged Zionist Milking Stool (at the teats of the American Cash Cow) in that Zionist organizations are not well established, especially on university and college campuses.
    The Jewish communities in Europe are not nearly as large, cohesive or concentrated as in the US, and the Cold War delayed immensely the creeping Post-Auschwitz Theology. Moreover, Europe does not have as deep a history of, nor adherence to ‘Christian Zionism’ that British and American Evangelicals helped to develop in the 19th centuries.
    Pioneering colonization of Europe by this Global Zionist entity is accomplished through the various Holocaust organizations, especially after they become state-sponsored, as the US Holocaust Museum is.
    I’ve noticed that European colleges and universities do not have nearly the saturation of Jewish Student and Zionist organizations on campus, and that especially in Eastern Europe, the Holocaust Indoctrination Centers are not nearly as thick as they are in America. Not yet, anyway.
    Very good work, dear +BN, and may Christ reward you with a crown in heaven.
    In the meantime, my earthly contribution is on the way.
    God bless you and RZN family!
    IC XC
    NI KA
  7. C-BiscuitJanuary 17, 2012 @ 8:33 pm
    Without a doubt you are divinely inspired and empowered.
    This article is just what was needed at just the right time.
    I preach our message everywhere but especially on the job sites to those who are willing to listen. What seems to get the biggest reaction is when they learn that people like Chertoff have such a role in our government yet their allegiance lies first and foremost to Israel.
    Once again, I thank God in Christ daily for you, without your exemplary conduct I would not know how to make it work. Your diligent service to Christ Jesus is not only commendable but encouraging beyond the ability of words to express.
    I wish with all of my substance that you will continue to promote the Truth and Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, combating the enemies of Him with clarity and honesty.
    I also do hope that those I have preached to visit our site and read not only these informative articles but also the comments, and see that they are not alone in their feelings and desires.
    May God bless and keep you in all which you endeavor, my most dearest of brothers!!
    Christian Davis
  8. krzysztofJanuary 17, 2012 @ 8:40 pm
    The Jewish regime thrives when there’s conflict in the world, for example the Iran issue we have now.
    They see that Iraq and Afghanistan are dying out and the troops are leaving, therefore; its time to start a new war, a new conflict.
    They profit from world conflicts, make side deals, sell weapons etc., and it takes the eye off of them so you focus on something else.
  9. GiovanniJanuary 17, 2012 @ 8:42 pm
    HELLO ALL ! ! ! I think it’s time we all started REALLY supporting our OWN country in whatever way we can, DON’T YOU ? ? ?
    I DIDN’T KNOW HALLMARK CARDS WERE MADE IN CHINA ! That is also why I don’t buy cards at Hallmark anymore.
    They are made in China and are more expensive! I buy them at Dollar Tree - 50 cents each and made in USA.
    I have been looking at the blenders available on the Internet. KitchenAid is MADE IN the US. Top of my list already…
    Yesterday I was in Wal Mart looking for a wastebasket. I found some made in China for $6.99. I didn’t want to pay that much so I asked the lady if they had any others. She took me to another department and they had some at 2.50 made in USA. They are just as good.
    Same as a kitchen rug I needed. I had to look, but I found some made in the USA - what a concept! - and they were 3.00 cheaper. We are being brainwashed to believe that everything that comes from China and Mexico is cheaper. Not so.
    One Light Bulb at a Time…
    I was in Lowe’s the other day and just out of curiosity, I looked at the hose attachments. They were all made in China. The next day I was in Ace Hardware and just for the heck of it I checked the hose attachments there. They were made in USA.
    Start looking, people.
    In our current economic situation, every little thing we buy or do affects someone else - most often, their job.
    My grandson likes Hershey’s candy. I noticed, though, that it is now marked “made in Mexico.” I don’t buy it anymore.
    My favorite toothpaste Colgate is made in Mexico … now I have switched to Crest. You have to read the labels on everything.
    This past weekend I was at Kroger. I needed 60W light bulbs and Bounce dryer sheets. I was in the light bulb aisle, and right next to the GE brand I normally buy — was an off-brand labeled, “Everyday Value.” I picked up both types of bulbs and compared them: they were the same except for the price.
    The GE bulbs cost more than the Everyday Value brand, but the thing that surprised me the most was that that GE was made in MEXICO and the Everyday Value brand was made in - you guessed it - the USA at a company in Cleveland, Ohio.
    It’s Way Past Time to start finding and buying products you use every day that are made right here.
    So, on to the next aisle: Bounce Dryer Sheets… yep, you guessed it, Bounce cost more money and is made in Canada. The Everyday Value brand cost less, and was MADE IN THE USA! I did laundry yesterday and the dryer sheets performed just like the Bounce Free I have been using for years, at almost half the price.
    My challenge to you is to start reading the labels when you shop for everyday things and see what you can find that is made in the USA - the job you save may be your own or your neighbors!
    If you accept the challenge, pass this on to others in your address book so we can all start buying American, one light bulb at a time!
    Stop buying from overseas companies - you’re sending the jobs there. (We should have awakened a decade ago….) Let’s get with the program and help our fellow Americans keep their jobs and create more jobs here in the USA.
    I passed this on .. .. . will you?
  10. LawsonJanuary 17, 2012 @ 8:58 pm
    Greetings B.N.,
    As one becomes aware of this nightmare which you document and explain so well, the realization of the eventual financial collapse becomes a hard fact.
    As we endeavor to expose these Jews and their agenda, let us continue to network with family and friends…and prepare for the inevitable.
    You have my financial support and I will tell all of my close friends and neighbors to review your work. if we are to be salt and light, part of that command is salt. If someone closes their ears and eyes to what is really happening then I will till new ground and open new eyes.
    You are doing a great job and I am proud to call you a friend.
  11. SuzanneJanuary 17, 2012 @ 9:45 pm
    Brother Kapner,
    You are so correct in stating that we truly do need and require divine intervention and only ‘an act of God’ Almighty Himself can defeat these Satanically inspired Jews who have for thousands of years have been plotting, scheming and coniving to undermine, usurp and corrupt anything beautiful, decent, moral in society and in our world.
    I would also have to concur with Father Joseph’s opinion that Fatima is the real key that the Lord can use to finally bring about the destruction of world Jewry and their nefarious activities.
    I have been praying for you and your ministry.
    May our heavenly Father richly bless you and may our heavenly and blessed Mother protect you from any harm.
  12. Heinrik Von ManshsteinJanuary 17, 2012 @ 10:36 pm
    Obviously Ron Paul or anyone like him simply cannot be allowed to run the American branch of the military global empire, not now, not when the world globalist elite still needs America to deliver the tail end of the New World Satanic Order.
    So my question is to all the brothers and sisters on here is, do you think the final decision regarding Ron Paul has been made (as horrible as it is, it is something we must ponder)?
    Will he be Wellstoned or JFK’d? Do we really expect Ron Paul to be successful in this endeavor ?
    With a miracle from God and much prayer this can happen, but we must be realistic.
  13. Snowy SmithJanuary 17, 2012 @ 11:24 pm
    These very same SCUMBAG JEWS DESTROYED South Africa.
    The WORLD has been fraudulently “HIJACKED” by WAR MONGERING ZIONIST JEWS.
    Ask New World Order SA Headquarters F. W. De Clerk for a comment.
    NEW Video South Africa-Durban Beaches-Black Flag Beaches
    Best Regards
  14. etterlingJanuary 17, 2012 @ 11:35 pm
    Dear BN:
    As you present the well-known fact of Jew global power it seems that trying to demolish such an overwhelming tyranny is a leviathan sized task.-
    When in the previous article Putin was the subject of Jewish pressure, came to my mind the Reikjavic meetings between Max Kampelman, the American representative, and Victor Israelyan, the Soviet representative, both commited to reciprocal disarmarment talks, both Jews dealing about the security of the two World superpowers.-
    In those strategic rounds, was the American Jew convincing the Soviet Jew about the convenience of a single and definitive global power, instead of a dual antagonic mastery?-
    Indeed, as you say, a Jewish Global Power as a way to definitive “peace”.-
    Those were the planned and final steps to achieve the Talmudic dreams, after which, the submission of resistance pockets were going to be much easier: erasing the Muslim world paving the way to “the greater Israel,” with the disappearance of the Palestinian Authority and the Gaza Strip (illegal settlements and Cast lead II) leading to the final establishing of Jerusalem as the capital seat of the King of Israel and of the World.-
    The parallel economic crisis, was and is part of the plan to send all possible hard currency to Israel that would be used to acquire all available gold assets, already gold mining being a Jewish controlled monopoly (Prokhorov in Russia and de Beers in South Africa), to back an “in the works” single world currency.-
    As there is no economic and political power without a military arm, the latest Jericho missile with a 10000 Km. (6.200 miles) range can reach any known place of possible dissent from Israeli bases, as well as Tomahawk equipped “Dolphin” Class submarines pose an equal threat to “rogue” or rebel centers of opposition.-
    To all these apparent darksome future cooked by the “Elders of Zion” there are several accompanying chapters yet to be finished, which if not controlled, would turn into the undoing of the whole conjure.-
    1º) Catholic and Orthodox Church resistance and preaching against.-
    2º) European rebirth of nationalism.-
    3º) The Shanghai Organization.-
    4º) A rebound of Islamic nations polarized around Iran and nuclear Pakistan.-
    5º) Labor unions resistance and general strikes simultaneusly organized and concerted in the whole of the EU.-
    6º) A general boycott of products made by jewish owned corporations.-
    7º) Rejection of the dollar and the British pound as international trade money.-
    In spite of a Ron Paul eventually becoming president, I don’t see the majority of Americans falling into the reality and cause of the lost dreams of a Christian great middle-class nation; unless, as it is beginning to be seen within those under economic stress, mistreated by the police state or well-informed, that a majority becomes aware and properly and organizedly reacts against the culprits.-
    200 years of the Judeo-masonic plague have carved deep and genetically modified the average redneck, still the bulk of the sheeple, and still a TV, firearm, pizza-cum-burger, televangelical spoiled addict, unable to see beyond a screen, to hear beyond the heavy metal or to think beyond what its CNN told.-
  15. john king / so. IndianaJanuary 17, 2012 @ 11:56 pm
    Dear Bro. Nathanael,
    I hate to sound like a pessimist but I think Ron Paul is 25? (50?) years too late.
    He has all the right ideas. Abolish the Jewish Feral Reserve, Bring our troops home, End these stupid wars, Live within our means. But Uncle Sam has Stage IV cancer.
    According to Tom Chittum, author of “Civil War II” as interviewed by The White this country is coming down like a house of cards.
    Like 3 day stinking leftovers, Chittum has revised Uncle Sam’s “expiration date” to 2018. This “country” may fall apart into several pieces down ethnic lines. I encourage you all to listen to the recent Chittum interview.
    Go to and look on the right edge for the link that says Tom Chittum: Full Interview - Tuesday, January 03, 2012. Listen to The White Voice live every Wednesday at 8pm eastern.
    All I can say for Ron Paul and I really do wish him the best and I am doing my part, collecting signatures to get him on the ballot in Indiana’s 9th district. But if he’s elected he better have every room in the White House plated with steel 6 inches thick!
    His bed room better be able to withstand a missle strike because the Jews are going to try to assasinate him.
  16. john king / so. IndianaJanuary 18, 2012 @ 12:01 am
    This is an appeal for funds for Bro. Nathanael.
    This man, who I have known for several years, is a knight who slays the Zionist beast.
    He doesn’t live in fear of the Jews — quite the opposite. He’s willing to do the fighting if you’ll buy him an occasional sword or battle axe.
    Freedom is not free and freedom must be purchased in every generation. The work he is carrying on is time consuming and expensive.
    If all of his here at RZN chip in a little it will add up. Please give what you can at the “online collection plate.”
  17. GeorgeJanuary 18, 2012 @ 3:06 am
    I am more optimistic.
    I don’t think we need an act of God to change things in the world. In fact I believe there’s a quiet revolution and a power shift going on right now.
    In my view the Zionists are clearly losing their controlling influence in the world. People throughout the globe are awakening by the millions.
    More and more people now know who really did 911 and who’s behind the evils in the planet and as a result their days are numbered.
    I strongly believe that we are governed by Universal Laws and one of them is the law of cause and effect. For every action there’s a reaction which means that sooner or later the evil you spread will catch up with you.
    These people causing so much suffering in the world will pay the price for their malevolence and though things may look bad at the moment, I feel we are in fact moving along to a better world.
    One day the Zionists will be completely defeated and a new more humane and principled world order will replace this one.
  18. jimJanuary 18, 2012 @ 3:34 am
    Many times in the past, Jews were expelled from one country or another, and always had some other place to infect.
    The international Jew will have no other place to go this time, unless they have space ships (not).
    What this implies is that this is the last go round for Lucifer’s chosen people to cause mayhem.
  19. VolodiaJanuary 18, 2012 @ 3:46 am
    Dear BN+
    Thanks again for your educational comments.
    I just wanted to let you know that today, 18 of January of 2012, Wikipedia has announced a 24-hour Blackout in protest of the new legislation being considered to censor the Internet.
    With the NDAA having been signed on 31-Dec-2001, I see no reason to doubt that the new legislation will be passed and then signed by our “Yes, We Can” Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
    I hate to state the obvious but, as a wise old friend of mine has said for decades:
    “Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious.”
    The Luciferians continue getting way ahead of ‘We, The Zombies.’ This is possible thanks to the majority of the people having been mind-conditioned to hate thinking hard (i.e. total apathy). There is plenty info on the internet on this.
    I guess it is time to start packing whatever we can for the “re-education” trip to the Wonderful World of F$E$M$A-land.
    God Bless & Save Us!
  20. Steven RowlandsonJanuary 18, 2012 @ 3:54 am
    The real question is:
    Are non-Jewish heterosexuals allowed to have nations of their own and not be governed by homosexuals, Jews, satanists or any of their fans?
  21. Lance OwenJanuary 18, 2012 @ 4:32 am
    Thanks Brother Nathanael,
    Another great post!
    But may I add to your list, the Freemasons?
    They have been hijacked by the Jews too!
    I have just written an article, which you and some other folks here might be interested in.
    Go here
  22. DimitriJanuary 18, 2012 @ 5:46 am
    A must listen to interview by Mark Glenn on Orthodox Christian alliance with Muslims resistance to Zionism:
  23. DachsieLadyJanuary 18, 2012 @ 5:55 am
    Interesting article.
    The eradication of USA sovereignty has been accomplished in two ways.
    One way is the eradication of our national physical borders. The border with Mexico has been erased and almost all of the “left wing” foundations and groups and factions, as well as the Libertarian Party and the libertarian philosophy, as well as the Catholic Church have worked hard for erasing our borders, our sovereignty and our Constitution.
    The Catholic Church had a big “Dream Act” Sunday last year = made me ill.
    But the main way our sovereignty and therefor our Constitutional protections and rule of law have been erased is by “free trade” and “free trade agreements” and United Nations Agenda 21. We are said to live in a “global economy” and that does the most to erase USA sovereignty.
    I think the issue of armaments productions and sales is crucial.
    I read recently where the American Enterprise Institute (A Zionist operation where Santorum worked for years) gets much of their income from sales of munitions and armaments.
    I also read where JFK refused to sell armaments to Israel so Israel got them in a deal from China. That makes me think China and armaments and banking must also be in the clutches of the Jewish / armaments / banking cartel.
    The Zionists work hard to disarm a people and preach love and peace and spread that message, while at the same time setting up their heavily armed totalitarian regimes to enslave the disarmed people. So Evil!
    I also read where “the British Crown” is the real world ruler, but to me the “British Crown” is owned and operated by the Rothchilds who own and operate The City of London.
    Still do not have enough information and Zionist financial interests in China and Russia.
  24. NicolaeJanuary 18, 2012 @ 6:21 am
    God is going to bring them down.
    Jeremia 49:10 But I have made Esau bare, I have uncovered his secret places, and he shall not be able to hide himself: his seed is spoiled, and his brethren, and his neighbours, and he is not.
    Jeremia 49:15 For, lo, I will make thee small among the heathen, and despised among men.
    49:16 Thy terribleness hath deceived thee, and the pride of thine heart, O thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock, that holdest the height of the hill: though thou shouldest make thy nest as high as the eagle, I will bring thee down from thence, saith the LORD.
    Jer 49:21 The earth is moved at the noise of their fall, at the cry the noise thereof was heard in the Red sea.
    To understand what is coming to them, please read this book.

questa non è una testata giornalistica

questa non è una testata giornalistica

questa non è una testata giornalistica